Almiks company presented its products at exhibitions in England and Germany

Almiks company presented its products at the exhibition LuxLive in England on 18 and 19 November 2015 and at the Messe Frankfurt in Germany 13 to 18 March 2016.

Almiks company is a part of INCOTEX Electronics Group so the LED lamps of the LLamp series are sold using its trading companies. At the LuxLive exhibition the lamps were exhibited at the booth of our company in England - INCOTEX Electronics UK and in Germany by LeaderLight company.

The greatest interest among the representatives of the Western market was caused by lamps of the Delta series. The lamps feature a unique patented design that provides effective heat dissipation. Their soft and comfortable glow most closely resembles the light of incandescent lamps but in contrast to them the LED lamps reduce power consumption by up to 9 times.

Almiks company is going to further continue promotion of its own products both on Russian and European markets.