Almiks Ltd. is a part of the INCOTEX Electronics Group, multi-profile developer and manufacturer of electronic equipment.

Almiks Ltd. manufactures LED bulbs under the LLamp brand in a full-cycle process – from engineering designs to manufacture of finished products. As the company is a part of the INCOTEX Electronics Group, a significant part of structural components such as drivers and LED modules are made in-house as well. Drivers are a key success factor and basis of a long lifetime of an LED bulb; that’s why the company uses electronic components for their manufacture only from the leading global suppliers, e.g. Texas Instruments, Taiwan Semiconductor Co., Epcos, etc. Molding shops are equipped with high-tech equipment from recognized leaders in plastic molding equipment manufacture such as Haitian and Sumitomo; accompanied by cutting-edge chemical developments from LG, Samsung and Bayer teams, all this translates into high quality of LED bulbs housings. Heat sinks of LED bulbs are manufactured using, based on a series, patented aluminium profiles, cast aluminium heat sinks customized for us by Foshan Nanhai Hardware Co, cast housings from high-quality Japanese material Crastin made by DuPont. LED modules are made with chips from LG Innotek, Cree, Nichia, SvetLed, etc.

High lumen output, low flicker and long lifetime of the bulbs are the key to energy savings of up to 85%. The company makes a wide range of bulbs from 1W to 13W that are able to replace incandescent lamps from 15W to 100W. All designs are or are being patented.

Russian patents: 115865, 2537828, 2540775, 79754, 75878, 144318, 2530426.

International applications with registered priority: РСТ/RU2014/000997, РСТ/RU2014/000998, РСТ/RU2014/000999.

International application WO2011162634 – LED bulb. Patent 2530426 in Russia. Applications DE 112010005700 T5 in Germany, and CN 201080067737.5 in China.

International patent WO2013109161 – General-purpose LED bulb. Application 2014119222 in Russia, and European application EP2827056.

International patent WO2014193266 – LED bulb. Application 2013125255 in Russia.

LED bulbs are cost-effective and eco-friendly light sources.

Bulbs have the Compliance Certificate of the Customs Union # ТС RU C-RU.АУ14.В.00153 series RU №0085496 and European Compliance Certificates (CE): # OSE-14-1104/01, # OSE-14-1104/02.

Almiks Ltd., like all other companies within the INCOTEX Electronics Group, has its Quality Management System certified for compliance with GOST ISO 9001-2008 and international standard IQNet ISO 9001-2008, as well as national standards of Germany (DQS), Italy (CISQ) and Spain (AENOR). All this permits the Holding to successfully market its products not only domestically but also globally.

High quality and always expanding range are standouts of the LLamp products.